Does your dog jump up at people, does it pull on the lead, does it come when you call it every time? Are you starting to get frustrated with your dog not doing what you want it to do?

                                   Read on help is at hand…….

My name is Ric Calder and I love dogs and I love dog training. It often seems that owners with dogs that have behavioural issues have nowhere to turn . A normal dog training club is no use as they don't specialise in behavioural problems. So I decided to help owners turn these dogs into perfect companions.

I train dogs in the Joondalup and Wanneroo areas and I can help owners with all behavioural training as well as general obedience training. Most behavioural issues are quite common and in fact from the dogs viewpoint, often quite normal.

The training methods that I use are also exceptionally good in puppy training and general obedience training. I also use clicker training and marker training as I find dogs are very receptive to this type of dog training. Once dogs are used to clicker training they really get involved, my own dog Archie just loves learning new things.

I have formally studied Dog Psychology and I aim to understand why your dog is doing the things it does - that is I try to think like your dog - so that I can understand the motivation behind the behaviour. Once I can do that I then come up with some strategies to fix the problem.

Everything that I do creates no stress or harm for your dog, I use gentle reward based methods for dog training. I base my training on a method referred to as LIMA - Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive. Simply put I will never endorse or use any training methodology that will cause harm or pain to your dog.

When selecting a dog trainer to work with you and your dog please ensure that you ask them what training methods they use. If they do not use LIMA based methods please find a trainer that does. There are still trainers that subscribe to the dominance dog training theory which has been proven to damage the bond between you and your dog. 

Please do not think that your dog is trying to 'dominate' you just because he is doing things that you don't like, for example if he growls at you when you put his food bowl down he IS NOT trying to dominate you; if he growls at you when you go to get him off the couch he IS NOT trying to dominate you. 

The worst thing you can do in each of those circumstances is to try and punish away that behaviour - it will make him worse. However all of these situations need a professional dog trainer to show you how to stop this behaviour before it escalates. Please contact me URGENTLY if your dog does any of these things.

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